The AmiataPianoFestival has been founded in 2005 on the slopes of Monte Amiata thanks to Stefan Giesen and Maurizio Baglini. The festival has been characterized since the begining by a strong impression for the international music scene in a landscape of rare beauty and in a highly prestigious wine. After two lucky concerts in 2006 the collaboration with ColleMassari did begin and resulted in 2009 in the absolute support of the Bertarelli Foundation and the creation of the Nuova Amitata Emozioni, an association founded with the primary purpose of promoting the area of the Monte Amiata. Since 2011 the artistic director of the festival as a whole was entrusted to Maurizio Baglini, which made the event one of the most prestigious international musical appointments of the territory, including the strong support of the most important channels of information, as well as a growing number of an affectionate public. The Amiata Piano Festival is organized by the Nuova Amiata Emozioni Association with the support of the Bertarelli Foundation