Piano Festival 2022


  • Audience members must be in possession of a ticket or entry pass to be shown at the staff in charge of the inspection when requested.

  • Access to the house is not permitted once the show has started. Latecomers are invited to wait in the Foyer for the first available interval to take their seats: in this case, they will be assisted by the ushers in reaching their seats.

  • The minimum recommended age to attend the shows is four years. Should a child disturb other spectators, the child and his/her accompanying adult will be kindly asked to exit the house. Regardless of the recommended age, well-behaved and quiet children are welcome to concerts.

  • The audience is kindly requested to wear clothing appropriate to the decorum of the Forum, in respect of the Forum itself and the other audience members. Spectators wearing tank tops or shorts are not allowed inside the Forum: in this case, tickets will not be reimbursed.

  • Appropriate behaviour and respect for silence are requested in the house.

  • The use of mobile phones is not permitted in the house.

  • It is not permitted to take photos inside the Forum and make any type of audio and video recording.

  • Smoking is prohibited in the areas of the Forum pursuant to law 584/75

  • Food and drinks must be consumed exclusively outside. It is forbidden to introduce food and drinks in the house.

  • For any problem or necessity, please address the ushers or the House Manager.